Fine Fragrance Manufacturer USA


All Yummy Life Naturals products are artisan, hand poured and full of extra love, always FRESH! If you are dissatisfied for any reason. Please contact us and we will make it right! 

Our packages are mailed via USPS and we do insure to hopefully provide you peace of mind. Please keep in mind due to the artisan nature; our products are unique and may vary from piece to piece and and batch to batch. Also, it may take a few days to create your order.

We still believe our customers happiness is a priority! 

Attention Private Label / Label Responsibility 

Yummy Life Naturals (YLN), A Yummy Apology (AYA) and Pepper Hill Naturals (PHN) does not participate in any way with the what or how a customer labels it's product. YLN, AYA & PHN formulates per customer specifications. YLN, AYA & PHN does not endorse any claim made by an YLN, AYA or PHN customer. YLN, AYA & PHN does and will always provide accurate ingredient deck data per approved customer formula. Labeling claims should be verified through third party testing facilities. YLN, AYA & PHN will also provide customers, upon request with a link to the FDA regulatory guidelines in order for customers to be clear regarding which words and terms and claims are in fact regulated by the FDA. YLN, AYA & PHN does not assume any responsibility for customer meeting regulatory guidelines.

Customer hereby unconditionally indemnifies and releases YLN, AYA & PHN, its entities, directors, officers, employees, and shareholders from any and all actions, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, expenses, claims and demands, including without limitation product labeling resulting directly or indirectly from YLN, AYA and PHN participation in customer’s product labeling.

Custom Product Return Policy

Returns are not accepted for any reason once the custom product formula has been processed. Due to the nature of natural ingredients, there can be slight variations in color, viscosity and scent of all bases from batch to batch. These changes are NOT grounds for a return. YLN, AYA, PHN sells wholesale only and all sales are final. Due to the nature of our products, we are unable to accept returns and still guarantee purity of product to our customers. Products will be replaced or credited to your YLN, AYA, PHN account only to be used towards your next purchase, never refunded, in the case of a shipping error on our part or damage during shipping. If the product was damaged during shipping we will only replace the product once a claim has been issued by the freight carrier. We cannot issue a credit or replace product for accidentally ordering the wrong product, not liking the color, feel, viscosity, scent or any other physical aspect of the product. We will also not refund or replace free of charge any product that has shelf life issues that may occur to naturally preserved products or products that you alter in any way or stored incorrectly causing separation or damage to the product shelf life.